Wednesday, 19 November 2014

My Canon lens advice

Canon Choice - Lenses

Every year Canon seems to offer great discounts on their kit, and other than the NEC Photo show in March, there is no better time to buy. If you are considering Canon kit and you are wobbly about which lens to buy, I have done a lot of research and indeed purchase and below is what I recommend. I don't have all my recommendations, but I do know what kit is ideal, compromise and probably don't bother...

Of course, what you buy very much depends on your 'type' of photography, so I'll have to assume you know the difference between focal lengths and so on.

Wide lenses for landscapes, interiors and interesting perspectives:

I have just bought a 35mm f1.4 (MK1 not MK11), why, because at around £900 with £150 cashback, it's a bargain. The MK2 version is bigger, heavier, more plastic, sharper but has worse bokeh! I suggest you do the same while stocks last - I don't see you losing money as I think these exceptional lenses will hold their value.

Good, general purpose and affordable (what I use) Canon 17-40mm f4

The new and expensive 11-24 is beautiful but at £2.8k should be.

Standard lens and zooms that cover the so-called 50mm standard

Pro choice 24-70mm f2.8

50mm f1.2 - pricey, big, heavy and difficult to use

50mm f1.4 - does the mid range and what I use despite below - this is arguably the worse 50 that Canon do - the 1.8 STM is great for not a lot.

24-105 f4 - the kit lens, great lens, lots of pros use this, probably the only kit lens I would buy and yes, I did!


Here's where I will get disagreements!

Lots of people love the 85mm f1.8 - it's great for sharpness and bokeh, but I sent one straight back as I couldn't stand the purple and green fringes, only part of which I could get rid of in DXO software... unfortunately


85mm f1.2 - I so want one of these

100mm f2.8L macro - fantastic lens - I have one

a 70-200... the f4 if you want it for travel too or the 70-200 f2.8 VR 11 if not, you don't mind the weight and want what must be one of Canon's best lenses - I bought one of these and it's stunning!

Longer zooms and primes

a 70-200 see above

135mm f2.0 - my favourite lens

400mm DC - if you can afford/justify it

400mm f5.6 - if you can't

100-400 mk11 - a great lens, but with an extender (1.4x) on my 70-200, I'm there anyway (98-280 f4 and a crop if needed).

400mm f2.8 - it's the 300, but more

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