Friday, 26 August 2016

Where I think Canon missed an opportunity

I really rate my 5D3. But, over time, Nikon has improved the exposure latitude of their sensors, it remains to be seen if Canon have now caught up. The new 5D4 introduces a new and clever sensor, that if you specify when shooting, (sort of) records two images which if you use Canon's software (does anyone?) you can fix the focus a bit... Note the sensor still has an 'AA' filter. The focusing is greatly improved too.

The new camera is launched as a 4K video camera, but, no focus peaking, no electronic viewfinder and a massive crop when switching to 4K. It does now feature a touch-screen, but if you use an electronic viewfinder, you don't need one - why - because you know you've nailed exposure, and for me, the rear screen is inadequate to review image detail especially in sunlight. When I'm out shooting, I almost never review on the screen, for my type of photography, a missed shot is just that.

Above all, why the massive price hike? The 5D3 came out at, I believe, £2.3k body only - what exactly makes this camera worth an extra grand? Put another way, camera plus kit lens + £500 = 1DX mk11! Um, let me think...

So what should Canon have done:

  • no anti-alias filter
  • a viewfinder system like the Fuji 100T with focus assist
  • improved OLED screen and not just more dots
  • 10 fps
  • GPS, yes great, but wi-fi that is basic - reminiscent of the EyeFi system - didn't they look at Nikon's snapbridge?

that, I think would command the extra £1K...

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