Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Fujifilm X-T2 released tomorrow (? please!) and more on that new Canon

I'm really looking forward to my X-T2, early signs are that it's very special...

Wow Canon what have you done? Early signs are that, as I suggested, the focus shift technology is unusable, you have to, it seems, use DPP software which nobody does and according to Tony Northrup (check him out on YouTube) the pixel shift does indeed make the files doubly as big and actually does so little to the image to make it of no real value.
On top of this Ken Wheeler (Angry Photographer) reports that the JPG files from the new camera are poor...
Is the dynamic range better, no.

200GB for one hour of 4k not even full frame video (compared with 50GB for a ff Sony) - is just another example of how lazy (because they didn't bother writing a decent codec) and greedy Canon are with this camera

Don't forget, the recording medium is still CF/SD, no CFast or XQD, and a SD card which is NOT mk11 compatible - WHICH IS MY BIGGEST GRIPE WITH THE 5D3 - the SD on my camera goes to around 45x so buying a fast CF and having the SD being written to at the same time slows the camera to the snail's pace of the SD card all because on a £2.3K camera Canon put a crap SD reader inside, and they just did it again!!!

I really want to understand why this camera is priced so highly - the same in dollars as pounds, why?

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